The Red Pill Squad


One Door, One Flyer = One Country, One Race


How to Do It

  1. View our available Red Pills and print whatever is to your liking.

  2. Choose your distribution area. You shouldn't need to go too far from your home. The racial dot map can help you target neighborhoods where your efforts would be most fruitful, though you should already have a general idea of who lives where. 

  3. Plan a route where you could most efficiently reach houses without doubling back. Aim to be thorough in the areas you do, and somehow mark or remember them so that you don't re-hit them in the near future.




  • Thanks to Coronavirus, no one bats an eye at people wearing surgical masks or bandanas in public. Especially combined with a hat and/or sunglasses, this can protect your identity from Ring doorbells and other home cameras, if that worries you. 

  • Wearing a reflective vest would not only protect you from traffic, but also make you look more official and "legitimate," like a deliveryperson or contractor. In a paradoxical way, nothing makes you more invisible than a high-visibility vest!

  • Very rarely, someone from a house you just distributed to may immediately come out and see it, and then try to confront you. You want to de-escalate and get away as soon as possible. Remind them that handbill distribution is a Constitutionally protected activity, and the fact that it offends people does not change that. You can also make this impersonal by claiming to be doing this as a paid gig you found on Craigslist. 

  • Don't litter these, nor put them in places they can feasibly be blown away and become litter. Try to put them partially under doormats or other objects near front doors. You can also staple rubber bands to some to turn them into hangers.  

  • Laser printers really are more efficient for this, and third-party toner is usually worth it. 

  • If you're printing a lot of these, you could print in "Toner Save Mode" or otherwise manipulate the settings to marginally save toner.