The Red Pill Squad


One Door, One Flyer = One Country, One Race

The Plan


Background: Why This is Necessary


The push by our enemies to censor, deplatform, demonetize, and demonize us is an implicit admission that our ideas would win in a free and open debate.


Streisand Effect aside, censorship most certainly harms us in the aggregate. At worst, it will wipe us out. At best—and most realistically—it may stunt our growth and freeze us in a status quo. Any boost nationalists can have gotten out of the internet may have already happened. In the long run, this may mean nationalists return to the sort of Indian Reservation they inhabited pre-internet: an insular, mostly contained lot powerlessly shaking its fists at the margins of broader society.


We've lost steam and been on the defensive ever since censorship, Charlottesville, and the letdown of Trump. We need a counter-attack, as it were.


Our counter-attack to internet censorship and deplatforming will not take place on the internet. We are doing as much as we can already on the internet. All of the essays, articles, videos, podcasts, and books we would need to produce already exist. (We onlyneed more people reading, hearing, and watching them.) Nor will massive rallies in the real world help us. As Charlottesville showed, protests are doomed to fail when the police, courts, media, and billionaires conspire to sabotage and defame a movement. Still, the counter-attack will take place in the real world. It will be essentially a guerella campaign to lead real-world people towards Alt Right ideas and websites. 



The Concept of the Red Pill Squad


Some of our most successful activity has been flyering of university campuses and public areas. While only a handful of people see those directly before they are torn down, many more see them when photos circulate on media and social media.


The reactions to these flyerings are arguably more helpful than the flyers, themselves. Especially when such flyers purvey ideas that would seem reasonable to the average person and exchew the cringey and irredemable optics of the 1488 business—such as the “It’s Okay to Be White” slogan—the media and university deans are in a lose-lose position. If they kvetch, complain, and make a scandal out of it, people are inadvertently red pilled by such extreme reaction to such seemingly normal, reasonable, non-hateful messages. Yet if the deans, the cops, and the journos ignore or do not make a big deal out of these events, they are in a way implicitly accepting and “normalizing” our views!


Put simply, posting or distributing flyers is by its nature a win-win activity for a truly dissident movement that has truth and common sense on its side.


The Red Pill Squad follows the spirit of our last few years of public flyering—but will crank it up a thousand times. Rather than put four posters at each university every six months, we aim to put a nationalist flyer in front of virtually every house in America—and thus, directly get our message to almost everyone in the country.


The themes of the Red Pills will be broadly about race, immigration, and identity. A secondary goal and theme will be ridiculing and discrediting the government, media, and establishment. They will be more informative than the simple but powerful propaganda posters in the style of American Identity Movement, but still shorter and more normie-digestable than some escoteric essay about Nietzsche or highly specialized journal article about heredity.


Distributing papers is not, in of itself, an exercise of power. It won't change laws; it won't change who our leaders are; it won't change demographics. This is not about politics, but metapolitics--laying the groundwork for political success.

  • Physical flyering is the best that ideas and ideologies that are truly dissident--i.e. systematically unvoiced if not defamed by mainstream media, and beseiged in alternative media--can reach the masses. No middleman or mediator can stop it. 

  • Since most of the general public has only ever been exposed to truncated caricatures or boogeymen-strawmen of our ideas, they actually have few and weak defenses against our arguments at the rational level. We need only present them calmly and rationally. 

  • This will reach people who would not overtly seek out our websites and movements, but would benefit from being directed to them. This includes the fence-sitters, open-minded truth-seekers, and the politically disengaged. In all likelihood, 

  • People already supportive or at least sympathetic to the Alt Right will be emboldened and encouraged by the fact that another patriot, in real life, physically passed by and put a paper at their doorstep. Millions of people already think our thoughts. They need only the permission slip of having the impression millions of others, in fact, do think like that.

  • When our enemies see that so many people are so dedicated to our movement, they will be forced to take us seriously.

  • The proximate goal of the Red Pill Squad is make more of the public get their news and views from dissident right sites. There are millions of people that would like to do so, but need only be pointed to them. 


The Red Pills will direct people to American Renaissance and VDARE's websites at the bottom. Of course, it there were a viable organization actively pursuing concrete action in our interests, that would be the first thing they promote. However, there isn't. The best we have at this stage are sites and groups which talk about the issues. Our Red Pills will aim to bring normies into the rabbit hole. Anyone who regularily reads those sites will sooner or later come fully to our views. Additionally, promoting AmRen and VDARE would naturally lead some of that traffic trickling to places like the Unz Review, Taki Mag, Occidental Observer, and so forth. 


This will not be the sporadic flyering of ten or thirty houses on a block or two seen in past campaigns. This will be systematic, methodical, complete—total. We aim to flyer by the zip code, by the neighborhood.


How many households is this?


Whites, of course, are the target audience. We are thus not dealing with every household in the U.S., but the roughly 84 million white-headed households in the U.S. 


To discount homes that are unreachable because of their remoteness, or because they are in gated communities, or have “No Trespassing” signs, we can reduce our estimate to “only” 75 million white-headed households.


Luckily, Americans are still quite segregated. We can thus focus on our "target audience" and completely skip the barrios and hoods. This racial dot map of America uses Census data to give color-coded views of the racial makeup of places, down to the zip code and street level. Be sure to select "Add Map Labels" so that city and street names help you get oriented. 


How many people distributing how many flyers will this take?


We have two starting assumptions: the benchmark of reaching 75 million households, and the limits of the human body. In one day, someone distributing flyers in an average neighborhood can feasibly deliver 700-1000. (We will go with 500 to be on the extremely conservative, realistic side.) 


75,000,000 houses, divided by the 500 houses someone can very realistically reach in a 7 or 8 hour (and maybe only 4 or 5 hour) day, comes out to 150,000 man-days of distribution to reach every white household.


The next question: how many “men” will those “man-days” of distribution be distrusted amongst?


Obviously, if 150,000 people did this, each would only need do it for one day for this goal to be achieved.


But even if only 10,000 people partake in Red Pilling the Nation, each person need only distribute flyers on 15 days in order for 75 million homes—more or less all of America’s whites—to be reached! Mind you, these need not be “full shifts,” but rather, just 4 or 5 hour runs for each “day.”


If 50,000 people partake in Red Pilling the Nation, then each person would need only distribute flyers for three days to reach 75 million households.


Even if only 500 people did this, for 4 days each, that still amounts to a million households being reached. That would be a tactical and propaganda victory unlike anything American nationalists have achieved in generations.


Or, if that dedicated core of 500 people decided to play the “long game,” each of them could do flyering for just one day, per week, and reach 75 million houses after four years. 


For what it's worth, a credible poll found 24 million Americans are very sympathetic to Alt Right beliefs. If one-tenth of a percent of those people joined the Red Pill Squad, we would have 24,000 members!


How much will this cost?


Based on costs of paper and third-party laser printer toner, probably 3 cents per page.


Putting 75 million of these on doorsteps would only come out to a total cost of $2.25 million—chump change, considering what it would accomplish. And this would, of course, be distributed among all participants.


Printing on a 500-page ream of paper, which would take a day (or half-day) to distribute, would only cost 15 dollars.

10,000 flyers would cost 300 dollars.


If you can bring costs to 2 cents a page, then 500 papers will cost only 10 dollars, and 10,000 would cost 200 dollars.


Do whatever you can and feel comfortable with. 



This might be our last hope


The demographic clock is ticking. Every Green Card, every death of an old white and birth of a non-white, puts us further beyond salvation. Our movement needs a massive injection of recruits, passion, and energy to mount what may be a last stand against the Treason Machine. The Red Pill Squad can do that. It will give exponential growth to a movement that has more or less followed only logarithmic growth thus far.


American Renaissance had 700,000 visitors to its website in January. VDARE had almost 500,000. If 75 million white households were given our literature, and just 2 percent of the recipients became regular visitors to both those sites, AmRen’s monthly visitors would triple, to 2,200,000, and VDARE’s would quadruple, to 2,000,000. At that point, no amount of censoring or delisting or defaming those sites would be able to keep them out of the bigger conversation.



Why distribute to homes?


Putting these in front of every house and apartment is the best way to “directly” reach every American while minimizing contacts and confrontations.


Impersonally putting a few of these up at schools or public places is better than nothing, but not enough.


Physically handing these out to people in public would draw too much attention to ourselves and invite arguments and assaults, given this subject matter. Why invite avoidable confrontation?


Putting these on car windshields is an option. But when people go to their cars, they intend to drive them, and see any advertisements on their windshield as annoying trash, and are less likely to take them seriously. On the other hand, when people go in or out of their front doors—for walks, to take out the trash, check the mail—they are generally less rushed or task-oriented than when they are about to drive places.


Why not mail these?


You can do that if you like. In some ways, mailing is more methodical and efficient than physically putting things at doorsteps, and obviously, it expands reach. Perhaps three or four pages with in-depth information could be stuffed in an envelope.


But the problem is the cost. When you factor the cost of a Forever stamp and envelope, it could come out to 70 cents per Red Pill. That makes a 3-cent Red Pill sound like a bargain. (Which it is, actually.)


Who is a good candidate to do this?


Someone strongly committed to our ideas who wants to actually do something.


A trollish personality who would relish a panicked mainstream article (or a dozen) being written about his completely legal deeds.


A retired person with plenty of free time, nothing to lose, who wants decent exercise and to redeem the Boomers.


Someone who is self-employed, financially independent, or who has already been “doxed” and thus has nothing to lose.