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One Door, One Flyer = One Country, One Race

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We are very much looking for new submissions! To do so, upload it to or another document-sharing site as a word document or PDF, and then email to let us know. You can also initially email us to bounce ideas. We ask that it be visually appealing and convinving, and focus on a general "theme" rather than trying to say everything about everything. You can integrate clip art-type images or graphs or charts or tables, but try to keep it laser-printer friendly with white backgrounds and light graphics. Color is okay, though these are mostly printed in grayscale. 


Other paper topics desired:

  • Biological reality of race

  • Race and intelligence

  • Affirmative Action

  • The 1965 Immigration Act

  • Diversity

  • Negro riots & failure of government to protect you

  • Coronavirus & its implications