The Red Pill Squad


One Door, One Flyer = One Country, One Race

The Red Pill Squad is a decentralized, leaderless group of patriots. We will Red Pill the masses like never before with printouts placed at peoples' front doors. 


Why this? Because it is now clear that post-2017 censorship and deplatforming mean our reach and influence on social media and mainstream websites will shrink and shrink. Any viral-level growth our movement could have gotten from the internet, has most definitely already happened.


Without search engines, video-sharing, and social media "feeding" traffic to our sites, and without our movement or people able to have a presence there, we're slated to return to the pre-internet status quo: being an almost hermetically sealed force futilely shaking its fists from the margins of society. 


That would mean we lose. So, we have to push back.


They can stop Google and YouTube and social media from feeding traffic to our sites. But they cannot yet, generally, outright ban our sites. Thus, we will play off our strenghts and their weaknesses. We will bypass the ADL's internet censorship and promote our ideas and websites in the real world. That cannot be censored. 


We will use catchy printouts that are more informative than a meme, but more digestable than an essay. They will generally link to VDARE and American Renaissance at the bottom.


The point it not to post these lightpoles or bulletin boards here and there, though we won't complain if you do. Rather, our strategy is to become the mailmen of Red Pills--by walking, block-by-block, and placing these on or at front doors. Believe it or not, this does not entail "doing anything wrong." Putting political handbills at front doors is not only not illegal--it's Constitutionally protected


Each printout can cost only 3 cents. Someone can easily distribute 500 in 8 hours, and perhaps only 4 or 5 hours. If 2,000 people did this each for just one day, a million houses could be reached!


This is how ideas that are blocked out of the mainstream, and beseiged and quaranteened in the sidestreem, can still "go viral" and infect the proles. It can't be censored. It can't be stopped. 


There are 84 million white households in the U.S. Can you imagine if all of them got a Red Pill? Or even just 25 percent...or even 1 percent? 


Our printouts--our Red Pills--are a gift to you. We found a winning formula. They work. Now, we need only repeat this "formula" again and again and again--to 500 houses, to a neighborhood, a Zip Code, a city, 1 million doors, 84 million doors. This is both simple, yet difficult; hard, yet straightforward. 


To learn more about our reasoning and our strategy, read The Plan.


To view and print Redpills, go to Print Red Pills. (Our selection now is small, but will expand. We welcome submissions.)


If you are actually going to distribute Red Pills, the Tips and Advice can help you.